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  2. Silven : February 29, 2016, 23:49

    I wonder what the sound is like (maybe he mentioned...I skipped through the documentary-like commentary).

    The only problem is that there is hardly anybody there to witness it. I wonder how far it is from "civilization". Cool to have parties in. buy viagra online

  3. Pablo : February 29, 2016, 23:49

    soo awesomee!!! XD Japanese Robot Awards ^^

  4. Kochar : February 29, 2016, 23:49

    gawd i hate londoner's pointless faggot talk. all of them talk the same "Awwhite san u wan get chopped kid", they talk bullshit and lie soo much so much that they believe it themselves. Also this Child weightlifting whats the point? he will be 5foot coz of stunted growth, max, then he'll fail coz of his short height.

  5. Massimo : February 29, 2016, 23:49

    that scorpian wuz badass!! buy viagra online

  6. Maggy : February 29, 2016, 23:49

    buy viagra online wow, that was... that was really bland

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