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Bristow Police Department - Jail Rules


1. Audio and visual recording All ingoing and outgoing telephone calls are recorded. Additionally , most areas of the Bristow Police Department are monitored by visual surveillance.

2. Visitation All visitors and their property are subject to search. Many items such as purses and/or Portfolios will not be allowed inside the facility during visitation. Jail staff will NOT be responsible for keeping these items during visitation.

3 .Visitation Visitation hours are from 8:00 am to noon on Saturdays. Each inmate is entitled to one, ten minute visit.

4. Visitation Visitors must be dressed appropriately or visitation will be denied. Examples of inappropriate dress are: mini skirts, shorts, clothing that allows the mid-riff to be seen, sleeveless shirts, no shirt, no shoes, tops that reveal cleavage, etc.

5. Cell Conduct Inmates are responsible for all items in their cell, it does not matter where contraband came from, the cell as a whole, will be held responsible. Any and all extra items are to be returned to the jail staff at once, as it is too late when a cell search is underway.

6. Cell Conduct Inmates will not alter, deface or destroy any items issued by the jail staff or owned by the citizens of Bristow.

7. Cell Conduct Inmates will place any items on cell bars with the intent to block viewing by jail staff, light or air movement.

8 .Cell Conduct Inmates will not remove the cardboard roll from issued toilet paper. Additionally there is to be no more than one roll of toilet paper for each toilet in a cell.

9. Cell Conduct Inmates will not draw, etch or alter any painted surface in a cell - this includes posting items on walls, bars, mesh or fixtures.

10. Cell Conduct Items posted on walls by jail staff shall not be removed.

11. Cell Conduct Inmates will keep all cells, bunks, floors, walls, showers and toilets clean and neat.

12. Cell Conduct Inmates will not store or hoard food items, books, magazines, newspapers or trash within their cell.

13. Cell Conduct Inmates will consume all medications while a jail staff member is present and return the medicine cup.

14. Cell Conduct Inmates will except and return all meal trays, laundry, razors, and cleaning items without incident or argument.

15. Cell Conduct Inmates will remain away from cell bars and openings when jail staff or visitors are present, unless told otherwise.

16. Cell Conduct Inmates will not engage in any activity that is excessively loud, lewd, boisterous and unruly or that negatively effects the efficient operation of the jail.

17. Cell Conduct Inmates will immediately notify jail staff in another inmate is in need of medical attention or there is a fight in a cell, by any means necessary to gain the attention of the jail staff, short of destruction of city property.

18. Cell Conduct Inmates will dress in their jumpsuits while in their cell and when leaving the cell unless told to otherwise.

19. Cell Conduct Inmates will not have more than one of the following in their cell: 01 mattress, 01 soap, 01 toothbrush, 01 towel, 01 jumpsuit, 01 toothpaste, 01 cup, 01 blanket, 01 comb.

20. Cell Conduct Inmates will obey all legal and lawful orders given by Bristow police and Jail staff, in a timely and efficient manner.

21. Cell Conduct Inmates will not use obscene or profane language against Jail staff, visitors or other inmates.

22. Cell Conduct Additional charges will be filed on any inmate who violates any Oklahoma State Statute or Bristow City Ordinance while residing here.

23. Money Money of any type will not be accepted during your incarceration here, other than money meant to pay fines costs and/or bail.

24. Cell Conduct Inmates will not use physical violence, or threats thereof, towards, staff, visitors or other inmates.

25. Privileges Inmates are allowed the following privileges: telephone calls, games, playing cards, dice, visitation, non-religious books and newspapers.

26. Privileges Inmates can have items that the city does not provide them dropped off at the Police Department for their use. These items may be: Newspapers, dice, playing cards, games with the approval of the Chief of Police.

27. Privileges Privileges can be revoked for rule violation, security reasons, health, safety and welfare of other inmates.

28. Telephone Calls Inmates are entitled to two (2) completed local and collect calls. More telephone calls may be allowed on case-by-case basis.

29. Visitation Attorneys and Clergy may visit at any time except during meals or exigent circumstances approved by the Chief of Police.

30. Inmate Property Inmates will have thirty days to make arrangements to have any items left behind picked up. After thirty days any remaining items will be picked up and destroyed.

31. Inmate Property With the inmate's written permission, any non-evidentiary property may be released by you.

32. Mail You may send and receive mail, so long as it is not coming from another jail or penitentiary.

33. Mail All mail, unless it is addressed to a Federal, State, County or Municipal office/officer will remain unsealed.

34. Mail One (01) envelope and stamp will be provided to you if you are shown to be indigent. All outgoing mail will bear your full name at the Bristow City Jail address. Postage and envelopes provided to you may only be used for correspondence between you, your attorney, elected officials, court officials and next of kin (as noted during your booking), per jail standard 310:670-5-9.1.

35. Mail All incoming mail will be opened and checked. Mail from an attorney, Federal, State, County or Municipal Office/Officer will be opened and checked for contraband while in the presence of the inmate.

36. Visitation No person who was jailed here in the last 6 months is allowed to visit any inmate incarcerated her.

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