City of Bristow

Fire Department

Bristow Fire Department
115 East Sixth Street Bristow Oklahoma 74010

Personnel Roster
Fire Chief: David McSpadden
Work - 918-367-3415

Captain: Charles Conkling, John Conkling
Lieutenant: Jeff Winn
Firefighters: Mike Siler, Bryan DeShazo, Matthew Pinson

Volunteer Firefighters

Larry Chasteen, Dwight Luther, Jim Manning, Patrick Miller, Levi Dobrinski, Don Vess, Steve Newton, James Huckleby, Blake Barnett, Mike Gordon, Brendon Barnett, Scott Forrester, Brandon Stubblefield, Tyler DeShazo, Cody Conkling

Telephone Numbers
Emergency number ......911
Central Station..............918-367-3415
Fax Number..................918-367-1159

Mailing Address
110 West Seventh Street Bristow, Oklahoma 74010

I.S.O Status
Class 5 / 8 Rating
Maximum Pumping 2500 gpm
24 hour manning
911 Dispatch System

Department Information
Title 11 Fire Department
7- Full time, 14 -Volunteer Fire Fighters
Average Yearly Incidents 330
Average Yearly Budget $495,000

Fire Apparatus
1985 1000 gpm Boardman
2006 1500 gpm E-1
2006 Rescue Ford F450
1995 Dodge 1 Ton 4x4 Brush
1985 Chevy ¾ Ton 4x4 Brush
2009 Chevy Tahoe Command

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